Jewelry Trends  2017

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So, You Will Discover:

The most relevant jewelry styles for 2017

Marine, Renaissance and Baroque, Boho, Handmade, Punk and Steampunk.

The most relevant jewelry materials for 2017

Precious and semi-precious stones, metals, fabrics and more.

How to wear jewelry in 2017?

Jewelry combinations, dress code rules and clothes complementation.

Jewelry categories 2017

Trendy hair jewelry, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants, rings and brooches.

From the Author:

For me this ebook is not just a catalog of information. This is the place where I periodically peek when I select the relevant jewelry for the event, it is an ebook, which gives me inspiration and new ideas for design. This ebook just makes me believe in myself.I tried to create a "Jewelry trends 2017" even a little cozy: and hence there are my personal illustrations for each chapter, and naturally - cover. All the pictures, by the way are drawn by hand; it is how people say - 'as if they have a soul.’

That's what it is – “Jewelry trends 2017”. Your portion of inspiration, useful information and fresh news from the fashion world. For you we have explored new trends, choose the best for designers and for fashionistas.

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"When I started to read the book I felt as if I was in New York or Paris, the capitals of fashion, the pictures took me there. Both the blog as the book are very worth as a DAILY reference for the the ones who are inside and love jewelry."

Raul Fernandez 

"A practical guide on what to stock on 2017. Nice to browse on the main trends, and pick up the ones that are more relevant with your style. The most complete guide on jewelry trends for this year, keeping a nice tone that makes it enjoyable to read."

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