Jewelry Dream Kit

Get instant access to your Jewelry Dream

What is it - Jewelry Dream Kit?

An affordable step-by-step system to help you grow your jewelry business. Get the support of an expert team to work for you and make your jewelry business thrive and become an source of income for you that will give you the economical freedom to focus in what you want. 

Jeweler's Best Friend

Just think about all those problems that you have already faced or with which you can face in the future. We have already passed all this. So we know what you can do and what can not, and in any case will not let your mistakes. We will take you by the hand and go all this way, experiencing every rise and rejoicing with you.

What is inside Jewelry Dream Kit?

You have talent, ideas, creativity... But this is clearly not enough for the success of your jewelry brand. All you need is the perfect KIT. The Kit of a Dream for each Jeweler. After all, today the entire business and success lives in interenet. Therefore, we have created JEWELRY DREAM KIT that will satisfy every designer, depending on your abilities and desires.

Jewelry Dream Kit helps you to keep things clean and fixes attention on your site’s narrative. 

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Beginner Dream Kit

What is the most important indicator of your brand success? Of course, if your jewelry get good sales. And how to achieve this? For those designers who are not yet confident in their abilities and the need to have own website, but wish to reach a new level, we have created BEGINNER KIT. Perfect one that includes Promotion, Public Relations and Networking services from the Jewelry Trends Blog.

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Intermediate Dream Kit

Well, you sell your jewelry in social networks, on different platforms, you already have some customer base. But it's time to move on. Anyway, there are always some doubts and you need to start with something that has been tested and not too grandiose to be scared. That's all about the Middle Dream Kit: Business2Business promotion, Social Media Promotion and your own Woocommerce website from the Jewelry Trends blog.

Pro Dream Kit

You already know how to do your business, all its pitfalls and pleasant moments of ups. You have your client base, a large assortment of designs, confidence in the future. But you still need help. The help of professionals, which we will definitely give you. So, ready, set, go! Pro Kit includes: B2B and Social Media promotions and your own Ecommerce website from the Jewelry Trends blog team .

1. Promotion in the Jewelry Trends blog;

2. Wholesale Promotion;

3. Jewelry Trends library Membership for FREE. 

30$ per month

1. Promotion in the Jewelry Trends blog;

2. Wholesale Promotion;

3. Instagram Marketing;

4. WordPress website;

5.  Jewelry Trends library Membership for FREE. 

60$ per month

1. Promotion in the Jewelry Trends Blog;

2. Wholesale Promotion;

3. Social Media Merketing;

4. Premium Ecommerce website;

5.  Jewelry Trends library Membership for FREE.

110$ per month

Get instant access to your Jewelry Dream

What is Woocommerce?

Woocommerce is the most downloaded plugin for WordPress, and with the help of it, we take care of converting your website into an online store. WooCommerce is one of the best shopping cart plugins available for WordPress. Founded in 2011, WooCommerce is a young platform with high development potential.

H2 What is Ecommerce?

Releasing from 2008, Magento is the most popular eCommerce platform with over 200.000 retailers worldwide.

Every Jewelry Dream Kit participant will get the Storytelling post for the About us page FOR FREE!

Why are we so sure we can help you?

In addition to being Jewelry Trends blog, where we are studying and talking about the world of jewelry art every single day, we own the Nammu jewelry company which exists on the market for 8 years already. We work with a variety of styles and materials, and we know what each of our customers wants.

We have done all the mistakes we could so we will not let you to do them.

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We sincerely believe that you should not miss any opportunity that appears in your path. You will not achieve today's result in any day, except for today. This is an unspoken rule under which the Jewelry Trends blog lives and under which we work and which we offer you. You began creating jewelry or create them for a long time - it does not matter, as long as it does not bring any results. After all, somewhere in the world there is a person who wants to wear your designs. This person is waiting for your release. So that YOU NEED TO DO IT RIGHT NOW !

That's why we created three Jewelry Dream Kit variants that perfectly suit your possibilities, expectations and experience. The whole process of our work will be controlled by you. After all, only you can choose your path.


There is nothing better than managing the whole process of your business independently. But all of us understand that this is a great responsibility. And sometimes you want to get some help from the trusted professionals. You probably already read a lot about how to promote your business and most likely even cooperated with someone. But we are not a consulting company. Just look at our name. We chose a niche in which we are the best and work only in one sphere, completely giving ourselves to it. Just like YOU do.

It's not an air in the box.

So why the Jewelry Dream Kit is the right choice. Because it is not an advice and not a success story. This is a real product that can not be touched simply because it is a product of the Internet business. But it is all directed to your REAL growth and progress.

Exclusive Offer for every Need

This special offer is designed to help your content work for you and showcases a sleek, powerful minimal style. The large hero areas on the home page underscore your content beautifully.

  •   Do you know what jewelry are you creating and for whom? We know.
  •   What is your story and how to tell it? We know.
  •   Where and how to sell your jewelry? WE KNOW !

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