Jewelry Talent 2017

international design contest

Why your participation is so important

What makes name of the jewelry brand famous? Not only successful collections and lots of retails, but also wins in contests, especially the international ones. Jewelry Talent 2017 contest is a healthy competition - it will develop in participants the fighting quality and strengthen the artistic spirit. You know, that is very important for every creative person.

Fashion, Art, Talent... Jewelry Trends design contest combines these concepts into a single colorful spectacle. Such contests are very essential, as the public interest in the art of jewelry designs, as well as in the latest fashion trends and the latest production technologies is growing every day.

Jewelry Talent 2017 is a project that demonstrates and promotes art of jewelry designers. This international design contest is intended to familiarize the general public with modern achievements of jewelers. Due to the project you will be able to set a number of mutually beneficial contacts, advertise your brand and find new customers.


1. Popularization and monitoring of the latest jewelry trends.

2. Improving of fashion jewelry designs on the international level.

3. Support of talented creators and identifying the new bright names.

4. Strengthening and supporting modern jewelry design communities.   

5. Identification and formation of professional pool, establishing the high standards and artistic requirements of the modern jewelry design.

The contest will be held in the form of voting in three stages:

What you will get from the participation:

750 words post about your brand in Jewelry Trends blogs' platforms (English, Spanish, Italian).


Advertising in Facebook and Instagram.

Participation price is 20$

Consulting of the Jewelry Trends blog Editors with your jewelry business.

The principal difference of the Jewelry Talent 2017 contest from the existing projects is a holistic approach to the development of new brands and support of participants at all stages of development.

For the contest you should send a letter with your application to 

Your application should include:

  • Augmentation why you deserve the grade of Jewelry Talent 2017.
  • Introduction to your jewelry brand in 200 words.
  • 7 images of your best designs.
  • Link to your brand page, if possible.

Finally... What will get the winner?)

  • ​Jewelry Talent 2017 grade.
  • A storytelling post about your jewelry designs.
  • A video reportage about your brand.
  • Active advertising of your jewelry brand in social media.

Schedule of contest:

1. Acceptance of applications until 04.20.2017

2. ​Voting 04.21.2017 - 05.20.2017

3. ​Announcement of the results - 05.21.2017

Participation price is 20$


If you are a young designer and you want to generate your hobby into your jewelry business - participate now. If you have been working in this industry for a long time and you want to get a great advertising - participate now. If you want to show your vision to the whole world - participate now. If you want to become a Jewelry Talent 2017 and to give a good start to the incarnation of your talent - PARTICIPATE NOW!