Boys and girls of every age,
Wouldn't you like to see something... Beautiful!
Come with us and you will see
This, our presents for Halloween.


Every week our blog is trying to please you with new trends, ideas and inspiration. And we grow up together with you. Therefore, your inquiries are increasing as well as our capabilities.You know, each of your share, each of your comment, every new subscription is a present for us. But you also want some presents, don't you?)

And so we decided to make a giveaway in honor of the most terrifying holiday of all times.


And, of course, the prize is a jewelry item, filled with the spirit of holiday. Well, certainly not to make a mistake, we raffle one necklace to choose from: Amber Colored Necklace with Macrame or Long Necklace with Swarovski® Crystal Skull.

Amber necklace on a basis of macrame thread. It is a model that is close enough to the neck.Stones of several colors: light brandy, opaque yellow and dark brandy. Certificate of authenticity and gift box included.

 Crystal Swarovski aurora Borealis color. The legendary color invented by Christian Dior in collaboration with Swarovski. 18-carat gold finish. Red gift box included.

This idea came into our heads slightly spontaneously, so the prize will be raffled off not traditionally on October 31 or November 1. We will raffle a gift at the end of the working week, and namely on Friday, 5 November 2016.

Only a few days left:


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