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Want people to love your jewelry collections?

  • It is very important to show your latest collections and designs in order to get many more clients and people interested in what you do.
  • But the more important thing is to tell the story of your brand, to create some magical soul connection between you and your customer.
  • Only when your potential customer will understand your jewelry meaning and story - he will fall in love.

And our Jewelry Trends Blog will kindly help you with that!

The whole world should know your jewelry story!

We always want to support talanted jewelry designers, so that we discovered a new method for success achievement.

​We will tell your story, show all of your best products. You will be able tell our subscribers about your ideas, about the creative process, show items you are particularly proud of. It will be a real jewelry fairy tale!

So, what you will get?

One of the best ways to show people your brand story is a post publication, talking about you and your creativity. It’s your post of 1500 words, your best designs , multiple images, good reviews and some citations from an interview with you.  The usual price is 295 USD, but...

Article of 750 words

 Your best products featured

And that's all for 25 USD!

Social promotion

  • The text.
    1500 words about the history of your brand, its main ideas, stylist's review about connection with latest trends and dress code rules, citations from the interview. 
  • Pictures.
    Your best designs composed stylistically. If your photos need some photoshop correction, you will get it from us.
  • Social promotion.
    Individual posts about your brand on our Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram accounts + special Facebook promotion.

You can be sure that everything will be perfect.

This article will be published on our blog, it will have your and our suggestions, making it very complete. The article may contain: description of designer, brand, origin, founder, collections, materials, pieces, etc. And the main thing is magic and power of storytelling. 

Here dreams come true...

Get a storytelling post for your jewelry brand!      

Jewelry Trends Blog gives you the opportunity to unlock the potential of your brand, and so to promote your designs with a powerful storytelling post.

Your brand story creations will reach more than three thousand potential customers and wholesale buyer's that everyday read our jewelry blogs.

  1. Talking about payment, we can offer Paypal secure payment, Credit or Debit Card Payment via Paypal or international transfer via Neteller.
  2.  For more information you can send a message to We will be pleased to work with you.

Hurry up to make your dreams come true!

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