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Hello, my dear subscriber! My name is Ksenia Gulko and I am one of the Jewelry Trends' blogger. Welcome to our family) Here you will meet our fairies, Nathalie Miroshnik, Barbara Di Niscia and Valentina Gama, who will tell you about the most magical world. World of Jewelry.

Jewelry Trends is a blog dedicated to fashion jewelry and accessories, born of a Spanish website Tendencias en Joyería. First post was published on the very Spanish platform on July 13, 2012. And that changed lives of all of us.

In other words, this is a blog not just about “Jewelry trends”, but also about getting together, think together and be creative. Your comments, opinions or articles are welcome. If you want to collaborate with us, please do not hesitate to contact.

How does it works?

We explore the fashion world
and create a post

You enter the blog
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Magic appears - you get your inspiration,
the world gets your jewelry art!

Love to learn, collaborate and create ♥

All of us are individuals with passion for creativity and art - this cocktail totally makes us happy!

That's why our team is trying to create lots of artsy projects for your inspiration and self-realization. Among our suggestions you can find the ebooks-guides about the jewelry trends that we write and illustrate personally. On the pages of our blog you will be able to tell your brand story through the prism of our knowledge of marketing and advertising. And finally - you will be able to prove to everyone that you are the most talented designer in the world, thanks to our Jewelry Talent 2017 international jewelry design contest.

"Jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique"

- Jennie Kwon.